August 10, 2020

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Wilson County Player of the Week- Week 5

Wilson County Player of the Week- Week 5


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  1. Helen Fisher-Thorne

    Deramus Carey- RB- Watertown- 13 carries for 248 yards and 6 TDs in 53-7 win over Cascade…248 yards??? Need I say more!

  2. Jeremy Pardue

    Jayce Pardue @ MJ Bears definitely. I love watching the kid from Watertown run so respect but MJ played a county rivalry game where Watertown played Cascade? I could have scored against Cascade’s defense there wasn’t any. So Jayce Pardue deserves it%100

  3. Jeremy Pardue

    Jayce Pardue hand’s down deserves it. MJ played an in county rival. I like the kid from Watertown but I could have good stats against Cascade they have no defense so what Jayce did was definitely a greater feat


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