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October 20, 2020

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The Metro Ultimate Team

The Metro Ultimate Team

In little league baseball, it’s common for an entire city or county to combine players at the end of the regular season and form an All-Star team for tournament play.  What if we take this idea and apply it to high school football? Which county in Tennessee could build the best “Ultimate Team”?  Tennessee has more athletes getting Bowl Subdivision level scholarships than ever before so there isn’t any shortage of talent to go around.  Rutherford, Williamson, Shelby, and Knox counties would all field some great squads but let’s test out this concept on Davidson County.  For this exercise I’m only looking at Division I schools because there are so few Division II schools outside of the large population areas of the state.  Our Metro Ultimate team will run a 2 RB/3WR formation on offense and a 4-3 defensive formation.  One backup is listed for each position.  Here’s the lineup for the 2018 Metro Nashville Ultimate Team:

Maplewood QB

QB: Bobo Hodges, Maplewood  Backup: Xavier Shepherd, Pearl Cohn

We’ve got a 3A Mr. Football finalist backing up a 4A Mr. Football finalist.  Doesn’t get any better than that. 

Devon Starling

RB1: Devon Starling, Cane Ridge  RB2:Rondarius Gregory, East Nashville  Backup: Brian Covington, Hillsboro

Starling is our third Mr. Football finalist (6A) and Gregory maybe the best power back in Metro.  Covington adds a speed threat and change of pace.  This team would punish defenses on the ground.

WR1: Jayden Harrison, Pearl Cohn  WR2: Jacquez Norman, Cane Ridge  WR3: Miller Baker (TE), Hillwood  Backup: Kendrell Scurry, Maplewood

Unbelievable talent here with the Vanderbilt commit Harrison leading the way.  Norman and Scurry are deep speed threats and we cheated a little to get the best tight end in Metro on the team with Baker.  Baker does split out wide pretty often though and is a great possession receiver.  

Jaalon Gupton

OT1: Jaalon Gupton, Stratford  OT2: Steven Losoya, Overton  Backup: Daylon Moore, Hillsboro  OG1: Andrew Blanton, McGavock  OG2: Marcus Mathis, East Nashville  Backup: Devin Turner, Cane Ridge  C: Aran Mohamad-Ali, Overton

A great offensive line group anchored by Rivals.com #27 player in the state Gupton and the two Overton Bobcats who have both committed to the greatest collegiate institution in the state of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University.

Elijah Simmons

DE1: Joseph Honeysucker, Hillsboro  DE2: Sam Buckner, Stratford  Backup: Clint Dowty, Maplewood   DT1: Elijah Simmons, Pearl Cohn DT2: Tyqaze Leggs, Maplewood  Backup: Anthony Collier, East Nashville 

Nobody is running on this team.  University of Memphis commit Honeysucker and Tennessee commit Simmons are forces of nature up front.  Leggs is the Rivals.com #40 ranked player in the state for the 2020 class.  Collier recently visited Georgia Tech and is a three star prospect.

East Nashville 

LB1: James Whitmore, East Nashville  LB2: Caleal Jackson, McGavock  Backup: Theo Chisom, Cane Ridge

Whitmore and Jackson are aggressive, powerful run stoppers and Chisom provides the team with the speed needed in pass coverage from the linebacker position.  

CB1: Gyasi Mattison, Hillsboro  CB2: Tyshawn Boyd, Maplewood  Backup: Darius Willis, Pearl Cohn

All incredible athletes that can cover different types of receivers.  Will make any opposing quarterback pay for mistakes with INTs.  Mattison is the Rivals.com #26 player in Tennessee this year. 

Jashon Watkins

S1: Jashon Watkins, East Nashville   S2: Evan Miller, Hillsboro   Backup: Travares Springer, Maplewood

Another Rivals player as Watkins comes in at #25 in this year’s Tennessee rankings.  All three players are versatile in pass defense and aren’t afraid to attack down hill against the rushing game.  

Punter: Richard Shelton, Antioch  Kicker: Erick Ramirez, Cane Ridge  K/P Returner: Iven Dayton, Pearl Cohn

Dayton is small but can absolutely fly.  Has shown great return instincts all season.  Ramirez and Shelton are reliable in the kicking game and will perform their tasks admirably.  

Congratulations to all the players that made the list and to the many other deserving candidates that had great seasons as well.  Stay tuned to tnhighschoolfootball.com the next two weeks for in depth coverage of the semifinal and championship playoff rounds.  








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