August 10, 2020

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The Super 16- Week 6

The Super 16- Week 6
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By Chad Withrow:


What if there were no classifications? What if every team regardless of size or public or private affiliation competed for the same prize? It’s fun to think about. That’s why I put this bracket together of the 16 best teams in the mid-state according to I tried to spread the love around and not focus solely on big private and public schools while also staying true to the exercise. For example, there is some very good football being played in the smaller classifications but it’s unrealistic to think they could compete with a Division II-AAA or 6A power. I also had some fun with some very familiar and some very different match-ups that I would personally want to see (similar to the NCAA Tournament selection committee). Click through the slideshow to see each of the 1st round match-ups. We will update the bracket each Wednesday throughout the season. 

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    Why is there no love shown to the cane ridge ravens. Every week you do the super 16 and you never have them in. Look at the body of work before you put teams in your super 16 because they need to be one of the teams that are in.


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