August 04, 2020

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Aflac Brentwood Hearing Center Coleman Group Dairy Queen Two Rivers Ford

The Super 16 Bracket

The Super 16 Bracket
2 of 10

#1 Brentwood Academy

Division II-AAA-E/M


Defeated Hillsboro 53-14





#16 Riverdale

Region 3-6A


Defeated East Nashville 49-14


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  1. William Cisco

    No offense but Nashville Christian would get boat raced by Indy, so Would Pearl Cohn.

    Indy the 11 seed, LOL

    1. Cris

      Oakland is the #6. Its pretty clear they would give Indy a game. Lol. I think yall are missing the spirit of the competition.

  2. K Lamont Shepherd

    William, now hold on. Take pearl Cohn out your mouth. The young men of Independence took the loss like competitors. If you feel like your ship is sinking be a real captain and go down by yourself. Don’t try to drag us with you. By the way, you might get you mouth tore out playing pearl Cohn. I think y’all declined the spanking


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