POLL: Mid-State’s Best High School Football Coach

POLL: Mid-State’s Best High School Football Coach

There are a lot of great coaches in the state and many of them reside right here in middle Tennessee. After talking with a number of coaches and media members, we compiled a list of the best in the area. Which one of these fine coaches is the mid-state's best?



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  1. William

    Which of these coaches has taken 3 teams to at least the state semi-finals in the last 11 years? Which has won the state championship at 2 schools and which has made 2 other championship games with 2 different teams?

    What have you done for me lately? Who is 29-1 over the last 2 years both ending at the state championship game?

    Scott Blade at Independence is the best coach, not in the Mid-State; best in the state.


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