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January 21, 2021

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Notre Dame Forfeits Two Wins Due to Ineligible Player

Notre Dame Forfeits Two Wins Due to Ineligible Player

Notre Dame becomes the second school this week to forfeit wins due to playing an ineligible player joining Freedom Prep who forfeited seven wins on Tuesday.


According to a letter from TSSAA Assistant Executive Director Gene Menees to Notre Dame Principal George Valadie, a freshman player for the Fighting Irish attended Boyd Buchanan his eighth grade year then repeated his eighth grade year by being home schooled.


The student participated in the home school basketball program the year he was repeating and he is therefore ineligible to participate in all sports at all levels of competition during his 9th grade year according to the letter.

Notre Dame will forfeit wins over Chattanooga Central and Silverdale and that will make them 0-8 on the season.


The Fighting Irish self reported themselves when the ineligible player information was learned according to Notre Dame head coach Charles Fant.


“The day all of this came to our attention we reported ourselves on Thursday morning,”  Fant said. “It was all based on a kid who was an eighth-grader and his family wanted to reclassify him so they held him out from going to high school so he repeated the eighth grade through home school.


“He played on the middle school basketball team for the Chattanooga Patriots and because they played other middle school’s that made him ineligible for his entire freshman year for sports. The parents had no idea, we had no idea. We immediately sent it in to the TSSAA.”


The TSSAA commended Notre Dame for self reporting the infraction.


“We want to commend the administration at Notre Dame High School on the manner in which this situation has been handled,”  Menees said in the letter to Notre Dame.


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