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September 18, 2020

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Metro Nashville To Play Football

Metro Nashville To Play Football

Metro Nashville Public Schools will finally get to play high school football and coaches are hoping to get to play on September 25.


“We are cleared for contact practice in hopes that we can start play on the 25th, as long as the virus stays controlled. We are excited that we have a chance to play. We appreciate our director of schools (Dr. Battle) and her team for ensuring our safety before we can move to competition,” Cane Ridge coach Eddie Woods said.


 “We understand that its many variables and making these types of decisions and we’ve been patiently waiting. We are just happy to have a chance to compete. Please encourage everyone and work together to stay safe so  we can better our chances of competing. Thanks to everyone for supporting us in this time.”


The football programs will have to get acclimated to their equipment for the next two weeks before getting to play their first game of the 2020 regular season.


“We have been given permission to start contact practice with hopes of moving towards competition,” Metro Nashville Public Schools Athletic Director Roosevelt Sanders said. 


The only school system that is still not playing fall sports is the Shelby County school system in Memphis but the school board should tell the fall sports coaches how they will proceed next week.



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