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October 20, 2020

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Metro Jamboree Media Day: Part 2

Metro Jamboree Media Day: Part 2

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Metro Nashville Public Schools annual football jamboree. The event brings together all thirteen Metro high schools and will be played at three different sites next Thursday at Antioch High School, Friday at Glencliff, and Saturday at Pearl Cohn. Mount Juliet Christian Academy will also participate in this year’s jamboree to fill out the schedule. A media day was held this year to honor the anniversary and provide an opportunity to speak with the great athletes and coaches from all over Nashville. Many thanks to those sponsoring the event and to the players and coaches in attendance. Tnhighschoolfootball.com was on hand to speak with each school’s representatives about the jamboree and the upcoming season. There were so many great quotes and conversations that this piece has been broken up into two parts. Be sure to check out Part 1 for the remainder of any schools not listed below. 

Hillsboro High School
Region: 6-5A
Jamboree Opponent: Maplewood on 8/11

Hillsboro media day

-DE Joseph Honeysucker on his recent commitment to the University of Memphis: “It just felt right, man. I went down there last week and talked with the coaches. My parents went down there too; they loved it, I loved it. It just all came together. It just felt right.”
-RB Jamaal Thompson on Hillsboro’s 2018 team goals: “Just trying to get to state. Get to Cookeville this year. That’s always the main goal and that is what we are striving for.”
-DT Therone Orr on the outlook of this year’s defense: “Our defense is filled with intensity this year. We’ve been cranking up the energy in practice every day so we ready for battle.”

Glencliff High School
Region: 6-5A
Jamboree Opponent: Whites Creek on 8/10

Glencliff media day

-Head coach Tate Thigpen on team goals and offseason work: “Clearly goal number one is to win more games than we did last year. We broke a 21 game losing streak on our homecoming game last year which was a big deal for the school but as far as my expectations for the program that’s nowhere near where we need to be. This is a long term rebuild and it’s going to take a while to get back to where Glencliff needs to be. The obvious goal would be to improve upon it but really what we have worked on with these guys is to just get better every day. We’re not focused on a lot of the big picture things. It’s just daily improvement.”
-WR Erick Vale on the receiver’s season prep: “We’ve been practicing our routes and what we need to do to catch the ball and working really hard.”
-C Ricardo Ruiz on playing in the 50th anniversary of the Metro jamboree: “I think it’s cool because it’s the 50th anniversary and not many people get to do that. Not a lot of people get to play on a big anniversary date so I think it will be fun.”
-QB Melvin Hart on the goals for Glencliff this season: “Persevere and work extremely hard because we are on the rebuild. Win more games that last year.”
-LB Richmond Antwi on the team’s offseason work: “Definitely working as a team and knowing what each of our limits are. In addition to that just been working on a lot of different plays to get us prepared for a lot of different situations and prepare for any team on our schedule.”

McGavock High School
Region: 5-6A
Jamboree Opponent: Pearl Cohn on 8/11

McGavock media day

-FS Brandon Pace on the defensive unit for McGavock: “Defensively, we’ve been working hard throughout practice. Working four hours a day working on our drills. Putting it onto the field.”
-OLB Lamar Childress on the team’s offseason work: “Just working on executing and getting better. Playing better teams and fighting. That’s it.”

Pearl Cohn High School
Region: 5-3A
Jamboree Opponent: McGavock on 8/11

Pearl Cohn media day

-Head coach Tony Brunetti on what needs to happen to get to the title game: “Continue doing what we’ve been doing. We’ve been to the semi-finals three times. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Let’s try to correct the mistakes we’ve made late in the playoffs. Correct those things and keep on working like we’ve been working and it’s going to pay off.”
-SS Jayden Harrison on commitment to Vanderbilt University: “The coaching staff didn’t change. I created a strong bond with them from day one when they offered. Coach Mason kept real with me from the jump.”
-DT Elijah Simmons on commitment to the University of Tennessee: “I just liked the relationship they made with my dad. Communication was on top. I liked the facility, I like the program, and I fit their defense at nose guard. I like what they got going there and I feel like I can be beneficial to their line.”
-QB Xavier Shepherd on playing in the 50th anniversary of the Metro jamboree: “It feels really great. It is a big opportunity for us to show what we can do even though we have a lot of young guys. We come together and show what we can do on the field, off the field going into the season.”

Hunters Lane High School
Region: 6-5A
Jamboree Opponent: Mount Juliet Christian Academy on 8/10

Hunters Lane media day

-DE/TE Kendel Packer on prepping for the season: “As a group we’ve all been working on catching and running routes. Getting better at running and making plays.”
-OLB/RB Sean Seals on team unity: “The team goal is to come together as a family, really. That’s our team goal. To play as one and not as individuals.”
-DL Elijah Wilhelm on prep work on defense: “We’ve just been working on all the stuff we need to know. Get all our fundamental stuff down so we can move on to what we need to learn to stop different offenses.”
-WR Antonius Herd on team goals: “I think as a team we have the mentality that we are going to be better. As of summer practice we have worked as a core group on the mentality that we are going to do better this year.”
-Head Coach Thomas McPhail on his team’s summer work: “The thing right now is just trying to get polished. We’ve been working harder in the weight room and working harder in our fall camp. We are going to measure our success this year just by being better every week than the week before.”

Mount Juliet Christian Academy
Region: D-II Class A East Region
Jamboree Opponent: Hunters Lane on 8/10

MJCA media day

-RB Darius Hylick on team goal’s in 2018: “State bound. That’s our goal. We’ve been conditioning a lot more and lifting weights more too. (in pursuit of that goal).”
-WR/CB Logan Collier on playing in the 50th Metro jamboree: “It’s big to be a part of something like this.”
-Head coach Dan Davis on team goals and summer work: “The biggest thing is to improve on last year. We made the state playoffs and made the quarterfinal game. An extremely close quarterfinal game that could have gone either way so right now the team’s pretty motivated to take the next step and go a bit further and improve upon the things that we’ve laid the foundation for.”

Maplewood High School
Region: 4-4A
Jamboree Opponent: Hillsboro on 8/11

Maplewood media day

-Assistant coach Jesse Blair on this year’s team: “Last year we made it to the quarterfinals and within a hair of making it to the semifinals. It has kinda stuck up our craw for a year and we are ready to make that trip… We have high hopes this year and hopefully we can coach them up and not let those boys down because they’ve been working hard and deserve it.”

Note-Maplewood had a previously scheduled scrimmage and was unable to bring any student-athletes


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