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October 31, 2020

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Metro Jamboree Media Day: Part 1

Metro Jamboree Media Day: Part 1

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Metro Nashville Public Schools annual football jamboree. The event brings together all thirteen Metro high schools and will be played at three different sites next Thursday at Antioch High School, Friday at Glencliff, and Saturday at Pearl Cohn. Mount Juliet Christian Academy will also participate in this year’s jamboree to fill out the schedule. A media day was held this year to honor the anniversary and provide an opportunity to speak with the great athletes and coaches from all over Nashville. Many thanks to those sponsoring the event and to the players and coaches in attendance. Tnhighschoolfootball.com was on hand to speak with each school’s representatives about the jamboree and the upcoming season. There were so many great quotes and conversations that this piece will be broken up into two parts with half the teams covered in each. If your favorite school isn’t covered below (or even if it is) look for part 2 tomorrow.

Cane Ridge High School
Region: 5-6A
Jamboree opponent: Stratford on 8/9

Cane Ridge media day

-RB Devon Starling on what it means to play for Cane Ridge: “It feels great. When there are a lot of people there, I feel like I play better because I want to show everybody what I can do. I love it. I love the atmosphere and how the community comes out and supports us.”

-LB Theo Chisom on the Ravens defense this year: “We lost a lot of people on defense (from last year) but we also have a lot of new players so we are just getting back into our routine. Re-teaching and now just sort of mastering everything with our scrimmages. We are getting people in to fill the positions so we can come back even harder.”

– ATH Jaquez Norman on expectations for the jamboree: “We are going to work hard and get out there and play ball. Play fast. We are a good, tough team so it should be fun.”

-QB Korey Andrews on goals coming off last season’s 6A runner up finish: “Coach has been preaching just to restart. We just have to restart the season and focus on that. Don’t worry about last season, just focus on this season.”

Stratford High School
Region: 5-3A
Jamboree opponent: Cane Ridge on 8/9

Stratford media day

-CB Rod Reed on defensive mindset in 2018: “We’ve mainly been working on our pressure with the defensive line. We have a good defensive line and a good secondary.  If the quarterback is back there without pressure then he’s basically just making a good throw like giving a baby a bottle.  But once he has that pressure and he throws it then it’s easy money for me and the other DBs.”

-OL Jaalon Gupton on his expectations for the jamboree: “My third year in the jamboree, my junior year, I didn’t get to play because I had knee surgery.  We played Antioch and we handle business then.  This year we have Cane Ridge and I just can’t wait for the competition.”

-OL Quasean Robinson on improving from last season: “We’ve been going over a lot of film from last year and studying our mistakes.  Filling in where we had a lot of holes on defense because offensively we were straight. So we’ve been straightening our young guys up and refreshing our starters and just working.

-LB Malik Owens on team goals: “Team goals this year are just focusing on one game at a time really.  Just trying to make it to Cookeville at the end of the season.”

Overton High School

Region: 5-6A

Jamboree Opponent: East Nashville on 8/10

Overton media day

-QB Sam Mast on bouncing back from a difficult 2017 season: “Leadership is a big part of it.  We didn’t have the best senior leadership last year so we are just trying to improve on that and come together as a team.”

-OL Aran Mohammad-ali on playing in the 50th anniversary of the Metro jamboree: “It means a lot, honestly.  We are keeping the tradition going of all the legends that have played on the field and all the great coaches that have played.  It feels good.  It’s a big deal.”

-OL Steven Losoya on team goals in 2018: “Just making sure we are all together and have the same goal we are working towards every day.  To get better every day.”

Antioch High School

Region: 5-6A

Jamboree Opponent: Hillwood on 8/9

Antioch media day

-Head coach Mike Head on hosting one night of the 50th jamboree: “For us it’s a great opportunity because we are bringing out a lot of new.  We’ve got new uniforms coming, new helmets, you name it.  We are trying to rebrand and that’s our goal.  When you look at how Antioch has been labeled ( in the past) we are now going by Bears. We are pushing the Bears’ football program, Bears of Antioch, it’s going to be all about the Bears and this is the kickoff for that.”

-WR AJ Williams on working with the quarterback this offseason: “We’ve been running a lot of routes on air just trying to get used to the quarterback and get a feel for the quarterback.  He’s left handed too so just trying to get used to that left handed spiral.”

-OL Mark Thomas on offseason work: “We are trying to minimize the mistakes on the O-Line.  Trying to get our blocks right and shedding right and all the other things we need to do to get the run and pass going for the quarterback.”

-QB Richard Shelton on team goals for 2018: “Coming out as a unit and finishing in football games.  We had a lot of games last year where we started off good and then came out in the second half and could have finished stronger. Working on finishing, more teamwork, and moving as a team instead of worrying about everything else.”

East Nashville Magnet School
Region: 5-3A
Jamboree Opponent: Overton on 8/10

East Nashville media day

-Head Coach Brian Waite on his team’s offseason work: “Very excited and proud of my guys. They’ve worked extremely hard in the offseason in preparation for the 2018-2019 football season. We have a really great group of seniors and are looking forward to honor those guys. We are ready to kick this thing off.”

-WR Jashon Watkins on playing in East Nashville’s new home stadium: “It is going to mean a lot to us after not having a stadium for so many years. Just to open a new stadium is going to mean a lot to us.”

-RB/WR Rondarius Gregory on offseason work: “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs so far this year but we just want to go play (in games) like everybody else. We want to go out and show what we are about.”

-DL Anthony Collier on defensive expectations: “We are expecting to get off the ball this year. Be an attacking defense, real fast high paced defense. Just hit them in the mouth.”

Whites Creek High School
Region: 5-3A
Jamboree Opponent: Glencliff on 8/10

Whites Creek media day

-QB Cameron Davis on team goals this season: “My first goal is making sure I lead my teammates. Making sure we do everything right and making sure we have a good season this year.”

-WR Zachery Drake on the jamboree and working with his freshman QB: “I feel like this is a great opportunity to participate in the 50th anniversary. Not many people get to do this every year. This offseason we’ve just been catching all the balls that Cam’s been throwing. He is throwing great balls.”

-DE/S James McGee on the Cobra defense this fall: “Our defense is really looking stacked. I like the way our corners are flowing to the ball, our linebackers are physical, our d-line is big and physical and our safeties, we get back there and we go attack the ball. (If) We get it we are going to take it to the house.”

-Head coach Clifton Davis on shortened summer work: “Being a late hire we have had to hit the ground running. July 8th after dead period was when we first practiced. We had a great July, though. Getting the kids acclimated to the system, weight room, getting the kids in shape for what we have to do to be able to play with a small number. We are still trying to build the bodies up. We’ve had between 18-25 guys come out but we need more to be competitive. It’s going to be a tough region but I believe we are going to be okay.”

Hillwood High School
Region: 6-5A
Jamboree Opponent: Antioch on 8/9

Hillwood media day

-TE Miller Baker on team goals in 2018: “We are definitely looking to go further in the playoffs. We’ve come together this year stronger. Been working on the fast tempo offense, been hitting the weight room, practice. We are looking pretty good this year.”

-QB Hale Page on offseason work: “This offseason really just been working on bringing everything together and trying to get all our core group together. It’s been coming along really good this year and everything has been going as planned so far.”

-WR Eric Kinnard on improving off last season’s production: “We need to stop getting three and outs and let our offense stay on the field more to keep our defense off the field more. Our defense was tired out last year.”

– DL Chris Baines on the defense: “Our linebackers are the captains of the defense and they have been doing good this year. We are going to fight through it.”



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