October 18, 2019

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The Friday Five- Week 1

The Friday Five- Week 1


By Chad Withrow:


Our long national nightmare is over. Football season is officially back and with it comes a world of possibilities. Many dominant programs are poised to continue their dominance and many long struggling programs are poised to continue to struggle. None of this stops every coach, player, and parent from imagining every possible best case scenario on this holiest of football days. Last year is in the distant past and greatness is but hours away for so many. Because of the great unknowns surrounding a new season, there’s a lot that I readily admit that I don’t know as we get ready to watch the 2018 season unfold for teams across the state. What I will attempt to do with this column every week is give you a snapshot of the 5 games I would attend if I wasn’t in a radio studio in downtown Nashville all night. These games are in order of significance to me. This in no way underscores all of the other games not listed because every game being played is important to the players, coaches, parents, and communities involved. Every game is important. These are simply my Top 5. So here goes the least informed Friday Five of the season. It’s the “Everyone is undefeated” edition…


1) Oakland @ Independence

2) Franklin @ Brentwood

3) FRA @ Davidson Academy

4) Blackman @ Hendersonville

5) Gallatin @ Springfield

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