July 11, 2020

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FBU Scholarship Finalist: Lennox Johnson

FBU Scholarship Finalist: Lennox Johnson

On June 2nd and 3rd, Football University will be hosting a developmental camp at Independence High School in Williamson County.  The FBU camp will provide a chance for football players from around the region to get positional skill training and practice film review provided by former NFL players and coaches.  The camp is open to any interested player in the area for a cost of $495.  However, tnhighschoolfootball.com will be awarding free entry to the FBU camp for one Tennessee athlete as selected by our football panel.  Our fifth finalist is Lennox Johnson of Summertown High School in Lawrence County. 

The 2018 football campaign will only be the fourth season for the Summertown High School Eagles but the Johnson family is totally committed.  Lennox is the eldest of three brothers that will suit up for Summertown this fall.  He will be a Senior while brothers Avery and Aniken will be a Sophomore and Freshman respectively.  Lennox has worked hard to overcome some challenges in the classroom due to a learning disability and social anxieties with the goal in mind of becoming the first Summertown alumnus to play college football.  He plays both the running back and middle linebacker positions but really excels on the defensive side of the ball.  Lennox recorded double digit tackles in multiple games last season and shows good instincts on film.  He has already identified Kentucky Christian University as a potential college football landing spot and hopes to use the Football University camp as another stepping stone toward his dream. 

Lennox reflected on football’s role in his life by saying, “Football plays an important role in my life. I was born with a learning disability and a sensory deficit syndrome. My parents tell me that I like to stay alone a lot. I had a small vocabulary until I was 3 years old. I attended a special school called Kings Daughter’s in Columbia, TN. I struggled in school and had a lot of issues that others go through, but with my disabilities it was harder. When I was 10 our community started football. My parents signed me up and I didn’t know what to think. After my 1st game I figured it out. I have become one of the best MLB’s. I have become a lead by example player and I’m working to be a more vocal leader this Sr. season. I still struggle in school and around people, but on the field I feel like a different person. Football is an outlet to me to be a better person. It opens a new chapter in my life.”

As for the FBU camp scholarship, Lennox goes on to say, “Winning the FBU Camp scholarship would open even more doors for me. I have seen many other players go from FBU Camp and be seen by colleges to be recruited. I would love to be the 1st high school player from Summertown to play college football. With 4 kids in my family, I know the cost of college would be tough on my parents. This would help me with my dreams of becoming a high school teacher and football coach. I want to someday come back to the community that has given so much to my team and to me. If I win the scholarship, I will be there to work, have fun, but most of all learn from the best so I can bring that knowledge back to Summertown. So I would be there for my family, team, coaches, community, but most of all to open the doors to my dreams.”


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