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November 30, 2020

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Donovan Stewart’s Week 10 Victory Formation

Donovan Stewart’s Week 10 Victory Formation

It hasn’t been a fun last three and a half football seasons for Antioch high school.


Since winning the 2017 season opener in a 20-16 win over Station Camp, the Bears then lost their last nine games of the season and then suffered through back-to-back 0-10 seasons in 2018 and 2019.


The Bears lost their first four games of this season as they were outscored 205 to 66 and they led the state with a 33-game losing streak which was not what second-year head coach Ian Marshall wanted to lead the state with.


But all the frustration and hurt the players and coaches had felt went away last Friday as the Bears beat McGavock 22-20 and got to celebrate a victory finally.


It didn’t start well for the Bears as McGavock got out to a 12-0 lead in the first quarter but Antioch fought back as running back E’Mony Jackson cut the deficit to 12-6 at the half as he scored from 34 yards out.


Antioch then took the lead at 14-12 in the fourth quarter as leading rusher Andrew Brown scored to tie the game at 12 and sophomore fullback Josiah Smith added a two-point conversion run.


After McGavock retook the lead at 20-14, the Bears fought through adversity and got the tie at 20 as quarterback Devin Tusie scored from two yards out and Smith gave them the win with his second two-point conversion run.


“It was a special moment to share with the kids and the coaching staff. There were most definitely a few tears shed, because I was happy that I could help them experience success, the only kind some of them have ever known,” Marshall said.


Brown lead the rushing with 125 yards while Jackson added 66 yards on the ground as well.


“Although the streak was something that started before I arrived, it felt like I had been here for each and every one of them. Winning is certainly a contagious feeling and I am sure that our young scholars will work hard trying to feel that experience again, we’re 1-0 right now and that is all that matters to us.”


Although the Bears (1-4) will not make the playoffs this season, the win gives them something to build on next season as they hope to make their first playoff appearance since 2016.


“I am happy for the Antioch Community (Current Students, Administration, and Alumni) because that is a huge burden that was felt by the community. I pray that moving forward parents and students will start to understand that Antioch has athletics to go along with its academic excellence. The Community is called Antioch. This is the community school pour into it, and I can promise you that some amazing things will happen in the future,” Marshall said.


Hot Streak
The following 18 schools started the season by losing their first game(s) of the season but have turned it around and are now playing good football heading into week 11 and have at least a five-game winning streak.

Milan- 0-1 to 8-1, 8-game winning streak

Watertown- 0-1 to 7-1, 7-game winning streak

David Crockett- 0-2 to 7-2, 7-game winning streak

Lipscomb Academy- 0-2 to 7-2, 7-game winning streak

Riverside- 0-2 to 7-2, 7-game winning streak

Beech- 0-1 to 6-1, 6-game winning streak

Independence- 0-1 to 6-1, 6-game winning streak

Marshall County- 1-1 to 7-1, 6-game winning streak

Trousdale County- 1-2 to 7-2, 6-game winning streak

Nashville Christian- 0-3 to 6-3, 6-game winning streak

Bartlett- 0-1 to 5-1, 5-game winning streak

Father Ryan- 1-2 to 6-2, 5-game winning streak

Walker Valley- 1-2 to 6-2, 5-game winning streak

Anderson County- 2-2 to 7-2, 5-game winning streak

Henry County- 2-2 to 7-2, 5-game winning streak

South Gibson- 2-2 to 7-2, 5-game winning streak

DeKalb County- 1-3 to 6-3, 5-game winning streak

Oak Ridge- 1-3 to 6-3, 5-game winning streak


Already Region Champions
The following 35 teams listed below have already wrapped up region titles.

Class 1A
*Cloudland (5-4, 3-0 in 1-1A)
*Coalfield (9-0, 6-0 in 2-1A)
*South Pittsburg (9-1, 4-0 in 3-1A)
*Fayetteville (7-2, 5-0 in 5-1A)
*Huntingdon (8-2, 6-0 in  6-1A)
*Greenfield (8-0, 5-0 in 7-1A)

*Meigs County (9-0, 3-0 in 2-2A)
*Bledsoe County (9-0, 3-0 in 3-2A)
*Watertown (8-1, 4-0 in 4-2A)
*Peabody (9-0, 4-0 in 7-2A)

*Alcoa (8-1, 6-0 in 2-3A)
*Loudon (8-0, 4-0 in 3-3A)
*Upperman (6-3, 4-0 in 4-3A)
*Milan (8-1, 4-0 in 7-3A)

*Elizabethton (9-0, 5-0 in 1-4A)
*Anderson County (7-2, 5-0 in 2-4A)
*DeKalb County (6-3, 3-0 in 3-4A)
*Tullahoma (9-0, 4-0 in 4-4A)
*Lexington (8-1, 4-0 in 6-4A)
*Haywood (6-3, 3-0 in 7-4A)
*Fayette Ware (7-2, 3-0 in 8-4A)

*David Crockett (7-2, 5-0 in 1-5A)
*Knoxville West (8-1, 5-0 in 3-5A)
*Rhea County (9-0, 3-0 in 4-5A)
*Summit (8-1, 4-0 in 5-5A)
*Beech (6-1, 3-0 in 6-5A)
*Henry County (7-2, 6-1 in 7-5A)
*Munford (8-3, 5-0 in 8-5A)

*Maryville (9-0, 5-0 in 2-6A)
*Smyrna (7-3, 6-0 in 5-6A)

Division II-A
*DCA (8-0, 6-0 in DII-A East)
*Davidson Academy (9-0, 7-0 in DII-A West)

 Division II-AA
*Lipscomb Academy (7-2, 3-0 in DII-AA Middle)
*ECS (6-2, 4-0 in DII-AA West)

Division II-AAA
*Brentwood Academy (9-0, 4-0 in DII-AAA East)

 Week 11 Head-To-Head Region Titles
There are 12 region titles that will be decided head to head on the field in week 11 and here’s a capsule for each game.

*4-1A- Gordonsville Tigers (6-2, 4-0) at Monterey Wildcats (7-1, 4-0)
Current Region Streaks- Gordonsville- four-game winning streak; Monterey- 12-game winning streak
Rankings- Gordonsville- Ranked No. 9; Monterey- Ranked No. 10
Head Coaches- Gordonsville- Scott Clemons (27-14 in four years at Gordonsville); Monterey- Scott Hughes (39-28 in six years at Monterey)
Offensive Coordinator- Gordonsville- Adam Shaw; Monterey- Scott Hughes
Defensive Coordinator- Gordonsville- Mac Petty; Monterey- Scott Hughes
Offense/Defense- Gordonsville- Spread/Multiple; Monterey-Multiple/Multiple
Returning Starters- Gordonsville- 17 (8 Off/9 Def); Monterey-8 (4 Off/4 Def)
Streaks- Gordonsville- four-game winning streak; Monterey-two-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Gordonsville- 29.4 Off/10.4 Def; Monterey- 30.3 Off/10.1 Def
Last Meeting- Monterey 28, Gordonsville 21 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Gordonsville- Wyatt Pemberton (WR/DB, Sr.), Lucas Carter (TE/DL, Sr.), Treyson Davis (WR/DB, Jr.), Grant Underwood (FB/LB, Sr.), Matthew Albritton (QB/DB, Soph.), Camrin Dyer (LB, Jr.), Ethan Elkins (OL, Soph.), Lucas Roberts (OL/DL, Soph.), Levi Croslin (OL/DL, Jr.), Will Dudney (WR/LB, Soph.), Peyton Climer (WR/DB, Soph.)
Monterey- Denver Smith (OL/DL, Sr.), Antony Soberanis (RB/LB, Sr.), Carter Charlton (TE/DE, Jr.), Logan Sparks (WR/DB, Jr.), Chandler Bowden (WR/DB, Jr.), Grant Hoover (OL/DL, Jr.), Byron Borjas (WR/DB, Soph.), Michael Allred (ATH/DB, Soph.), Mason Bowman (RB/LB, Soph.)

*1-2A- South Greene Rebels (9-0, 3-0) at Happy Valley Warriors (5-2, 2-1)
Current Region Streaks- South Greene- four-game winning streak;  Happy Valley- two-game winning streak
Rankings- South Greene- Ranked No. 6;  Happy Valley- Unranked
Head Coaches- South Greene- Shawn Jones (60-64 overall, 9-0 in first year at South Greene); Happy Valley- Jason Jarrett (36-23 in six years at Happy Valley)
Offensive Coordinator- South Greene- Joel Burns; Happy Valley- Steve McKinney
Defensive Coordinator- South Greene- Joe Case; Happy Valley- Greg Hyder
Offense/Defense- South Greene- Wing T/3-4; Happy Valley- Multiple/Multiple
Returning Starters- South Greene- 15 (5 Off/10 Def); Happy Valley- 8 (4 Off/4 Def)
Streaks- South Greene- nine-game winning streak; Happy Valley- four-game winning streak
Scoring Averages- South Greene- 38.7 Off/13.8 Def; Happy Valley- 30.1 Off/15.3 Def
Last Meeting- South Greene 25, Happy Valley 6 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- South Greene- Luke Myers (ATH, Jr.), Marc Crum (RB/LB, Sr.), Corey Houser (RB/LB, Sr.), Presley Gilliam (LB, Sr.), Trevor Heater (OL/DL, Jr.), Dakota Seaton (OL, Sr.), Preston Bailey (ATH, Sr.), Jay Higgins (K, Sr.), Chandler Fillers (WR, Jr.), Derek Miller (LB, Soph.)
Happy Valley- Eli Ayers (QB/DB, Sr.), Peyton Pimeau (OL, Sr.), Kamden Richardson (OL/DL, Sr.), Andrew Little (WR/OLB, Jr.), Gabe Nickles (WR/DB, Sr.), Matthew Bahn (RB/OLB, Sr.)

*5-2A- Forrest Rockets (6-3, 4-0) at Lewis County Panthers (9-0, 4-0)
Current Region Streaks- Forrest- 11-game winning streak; Lewis County- four-game winning streak
Rankings- Forrest- Unranked; Lewis County- Ranked No. 3
Head Coaches- Forrest- Eli Stephenson (23-10 in three years at Forrest); Lewis County- Bobby Sharp (271-112 in 33 years at Lewis County)
Offensive Coordinator- Forrest- Eli Stephenson; Lewis County- Bobby Sharp
Defensive Coordinator- Forrest- Jeremy Austin; Lewis County- Andrew Lawson
Offense/Defense- Forrest- Wing T/3-4; Lewis County- Wing T/Multiple
Returning Starters- Forrest- 6 (3 Off/3 Def); Lewis County- 10 (3 Off/7 Def)
Streaks- Forrest- one-game losing streak; Lewis County- nine-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Forrest- 18.0 Off/13.3 Def; Lewis County- 38.9 Off/9.4 Def
Last Meeting- Forrest 16, Lewis County 13 in 2019 Regular SeasonPlayers To Watch- Forrest- Max Kirby (QB/DB, Sr.), Noah Hill (OL/LB, Sr.), Braden Bowyer (OL/DL, Jr.),  McCalister Wilson (TE/OLB, Jr.)
Lewis County- Ian Carroll (OL/OLB, Sr.), Rilee Runions (OT/DE, Sr.), Blake Carroll (DB/SE, Jr.), Trez Sparkman (OT/DT, Jr.), Clyde Sparkman (FB/LB, Sr.), Sloan Mosley (DB/RB, Soph.),  Lincoln Brewer (DB, Soph.), Kael Feichintger (LB, Jr.)

 *6-2A- Waverly Tigers (6-2, 3-0) at Riverside Panthers (7-2, 4-0)
Current Region Streaks- Waverly- 28-game winning streak; Riverside- four-game winning streak
Rankings- Both teams are unranked
Head Coaches- Waverly- Randall Boldin (39-9 overall, 13-7 in two years at Waverly); Riverside- Johnnie Frost (49-49 overall, 40-18 in five years at Riverside)
Offensive Coordinator- Waverly- Randall Boldin and Phillip Broadway; Riverside- Eric Quinn
Defensive Coordinator- Waverly- Ryan Wall; Riverside- Johnnie Frost
Offense/Defense- Waverly- Spread/4-2-5; Riverside- Multiple Wing/3-4
Returning Starters- Waverly- 11 (5 Off/6 Def); Riverside- 13 (6 Off/7 Def)
Streaks- Waverly- one-game losing streak; Riverside- seven-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Waverly- 28.9 Off/16.3 Def; Riverside- 30.8 Off/13.8 Def
Last Meeting- Riverside 34, Waverly 0 in 2019 Second Round; Waverly 21, Riverside 10 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Waverly- Brady Stanfield (WR/DB, Sr.), Brock Swaw (OL/DT, Sr.), Emrik Houston (RB/LB, Jr.), Kade Anderson (WR/DB, Jr.), Ryan Edwards (WR/DB, Jr.), Shamar Mayberry (T/DE, Jr.), Jacob Dooley (QB/DB, Jr.), Landon Dooley (WR/DB, Soph.)
Riverside- Luke Lewis (OL/DL, Sr.), Trent Smith (WR/S, Jr.), Weston Ward (WR/QB/DB, Sr.), Alec Beasley (OL/LB, Sr.), Luke Wade (OL/DL, Jr.), Malek Cannon (RB/DB, Sr.), Brett Blankenship (OL/LB, Jr.), Bryce Hernandez (QB/DB, Jr.), Cole Montgomery (TE/DL, Soph.), Casen Reddix (WR/RB/DB, Jr.)

*5-3A- Pearl Cohn Firebirds (5-0, 3-0) at Giles County Bobcats (3-6, 3-0)
Current Region Streaks- Pearl Cohn- 27-game winning streak; Giles County- three-game winning streak
Rankings- Pearl Cohn- Ranked No. 5; Giles County- Unranked
Head Coaches- Pearl Cohn- Tony Brunetti (128-58 in 15 years at Pearl Cohn); Giles County- David O’Connor (144-80 overall, 25-31 in five years at Giles County)
Offensive Coordinator- Pearl Cohn- Damien Harris and Brandon Woods; Giles County- Corey Hickman
Defensive Coordinator- Pearl Cohn- Tony Brunetti; Giles County- Tanner Holley and John Kirk
Offense/Defense- Pearl Cohn- Spread/4-2-5; Giles County- Multiple Pro/40
Returning Starters- Pearl Cohn- 17 (8 Off/9 Def); Giles County- 13 (6 Off/7 Def)
Streaks- Pearl Cohn- five-game winning streak; Giles County- one-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Pearl Cohn- 44.6 Off/5.6; Giles County- 26.3 Off/24.9 Def
Last Meeting- Pearl Cohn 28, Giles County 21 in 2019 3A Quarterfinals; Pearl Cohn 28, Giles County 11 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Pearl Cohn- William Griffin (OT/DT, Sr., Tennessee commitment),  Iven Dayton (RB/WR, Sr.), Kyndrich Breedlove (WR/DB, Sr., Ole Miss commitment), Erion Jordan (LB, Sr.), Corey Moseley (OL, Sr.), Jarren Jackson (OL, Soph.)  Martino Owens (QB, Sr.), John Roberts (WR, Sr.),  Barion Brown (WR, Jr.), Marquise Woodson (RB, Jr.), Corey Hoggett (LB, Sr.), Caleb Clayton (DB, Sr.), Ronnie Carr (SS, Sr.),  Dewain Trotter (FS, Sr.),  Kavon Coffee (DB, Jr.),  Alex Okelo (DE, Sr.), Jerrold Brown (DT, Jr.),  Taurus Turrentine (DT, Jr.)
Giles County- Kaleb Perry (DB, Sr.), Daniel Hedgecoth (DE, Sr.), Trevor Jackson (DL, Sr.), Chaye McElroy (RB, Jr.), Landon Askins (OL, Jr.), Alden Staggs (DL, Jr.), Sawyer Phillips (LB, Jr.), Jayson Rose (SS, Jr.), Amarion Sizemore (WR, Jr.), Jayden Abernathy (WR, Soph.)

 *6-3A- Fairview Yellow Jackets (7-1, 4-0) at Stewart County Rebels (7-1, 4-0)
Current Region Streaks- Fairview- 26-game winning streak Stewart County- four-game winning streak
Rankings- Fairview- Ranked No. 6; Stewart County- Unranked
Head Coaches- Fairview- Chris Hughes (113-38 in 13 years at Fairview); Stewart County-
Offensive Coordinator- Fairview- Chris Hughes; Stewart County- Tommy Rewis
Defensive Coordinator- Fairview- Ron King; Stewart County- Jimbo Riner
Offense/Defense- Fairview- Spread/3-4; Stewart County-Spread/Pro/Multiple
Returning Starters- Fairview- 17 (8 Off/9 Def); Stewart County-10 (4 Off/6 Def)
Streaks- Fairview- four-game winning streak; Stewart County- four-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Fairview- 35.9 Off/13.3 Def; Stewart County- 23.1 Off/7.9 Def
Last Meeting- Fairview 42, Stewart County 6 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Fairview- Logan Nardozzi (RB, Sr.), Kyle King (DB, Sr.), Luke Pape (DE, Sr.), Jack Baker (OL, Sr.), Logan Parsons (LB, Sr.), Brody Cox (FB, Sr.)
Stewart County- Conner Andrews (WR/DB, Sr.), Will Page (QB/LB, Jr.), Caleb Mulcahy (LB/FB, Sr.), Dezmond Williamson (RB/LB, Sr.), Austin Clark (OL/DL, Sr.), Hunter Knotts (DB/RB, Sr.), Coltin Stanfield (OL, Sr.), Jonah Reid (DE, Jr.)

*5-4A- Creek Wood Red Hawks (9-0, 5-0) at Springfield Yellow Jackets (8-1, 5-0)
Current Region Streaks- Creek Wood- five-game winning streak; Springfield- eight-game winning streak
Rankings- Creek Wood- Ranked No. 4; Springfield- Ranked No. 6
Head Coaches- Creek Wood- Houston Thiel (30-13 in four years at Creek Wood); Springfield- Dustin Wilson (70-41 in eight years at Springfield)
Offensive Coordinator- Creek Wood- Aaron Lee; Springfield- Enoch Hill
Defensive Coordinator- Creek Wood- James Smith; Springfield- Drew Wilson
Offense/Defense- Creek Wood- Spread Option/3-4; Springfield-Spread/4-4
Returning Starters- Creek Wood- 10 (5 Off/5 Def); Springfield-14 (9 Off/5 Def)
Streaks- Creek Wood- nine-game winning streak; Springfield- three-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Creek Wood- 30.8 Off/9.7 Def; Springfield- 32.8 Off/12.8 Def
Last Meeting- Springfield 14, Creek Wood 7 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Creek Wood- Micah Magreke (DE, Sr.), Elijah Donaldson (QB, Sr.), Michael Harris (RB/DB, Jr.), Bailey Deason (DB, Sr.), Brandon Porter (WR, Sr.), Jack Dawson (DB/WR, Sr.), Sam England (OL/DL, Soph.), Porter Matlock (LB/WR, Jr.), Kaden Minor (TE/DE, Sr.), DJ Riley (WR/DB, Sr.)
Springfield- Tres Haley (OL, Sr.), Kevontez Hudson (OLB, Sr.), Gabriel Kelly (WR/S, Sr.), Ze’rel Boyd (WR/DB, Jr.), Tristan Petit (OL, Sr.), Roger Haley (OL/DL, Sr.), Clayton Wells (OL, Sr.), De’Marion Wynn (OL, Sr.), Lamarion Turner (DL, Soph.), Kamrin Garrett (DL, Sr.), Keyshawn Robinson (LB, Jr.), Luis Diaz Jijon (K, Sr.) 

*3-6A- Oakland Patriots (9-0, 6-0) at Warren County Pioneers (8-1, 5-1)
Current Region Streaks- Oakland- 45-game winning streak; Warren County- one-game losing streak
Rankings- Oakland- Ranked No. 1; Warren County- Unranked
Head Coaches- Oakland- Kevin Creasy (154-18 overall, 75-6 in six years at Oakland); Warren County- Matt Turner (12-7 in two years at Warren County)
Offensive Coordinator- Oakland- Kevin Creasy; Warren County-Kenny Shultz
Defensive Coordinator- Oakland- Stephen Jackson; Warren County- Cameron Bond
Offense/Defense- Oakland- Wing T/3-4; Warren County- Pistol T/4-2-5
Returning Starters- Oakland- 7 (4 Off/3 Def); Warren County-15 (7 Off/8 Def)
Streaks- Oakland- nine-game winning streak; Warren County- one-game losing streak
Scoring Averages-  Oakland- 44.6 Off/9.3 Def; Warren County- 29.0 Off/16.2 Def
Last Meeting- Oakland 49, Warren County 6 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Oakland- Trey Turk (P/K, Sr.), Graham Keating (OL, Sr.), Vic Stephenson (ATH, Sr.), Ethan Mclaurin (DE, Jr.), Kobe Manning (SS, Sr.), Eddie Willis (FS, Sr.), Jordan James (RB, Jr.), Bryson Dobbs (TE, Sr.), Antonio Patterson (WR, Jr.), Isaiah Horton (WR, Jr.), Ian Schlacter (QB, Sr.)
Warren County- C.J. Taylor (QB,RB/SS, Sr.), Clay Thompson (DB/QB, Sr.), Kaden Jordan (OL/DL, Sr.), Kason Holder (RB/SS, Sr.), Ryland Holder (RB/MLB, Sr.), Douglas Wells (OL/DL, Sr.), Stephen Curtis (K, Sr.), Dante Elam (WR/FS, Sr.), Adian Cummins (TE/DE, Sr.), Bryson Elrod (QB/MLB, Sr.) 

*4-6A- Hendersonville Commandos (6-3, 4-0) at Mt. Juliet Golden Bears (6-2, 3-1)
Current Region Streaks- Hendersonville- seven-game winning streak; Mt. Juliet- one-game winning streak
Rankings- Both teams are unranked
Head Coaches- Hendersonville- James Beasley (20-13 in three years at Hendersonville); Mt. Juliet- Trey Perry (59-30 in eight years at Mt. Juliet)
Offensive Coordinator- Hendersonville- Anthony Lake and Karl Wenzel; Mt. Juliet- Zac White
Defensive Coordinator- Hendersonville- James Beasley; Mt. Juliet-Greg Abner
Offense/Defense- Hendersonville- Wing T/50/Odd Front; Mt. Juliet-Spread/Hybrid 3-4
Returning Starters- Hendersonville- 10 (6 Off/4 Def); Mt. Juliet-17 (9 Off/8 Def)
Streaks- Hendersonville- three-game winning streak; Mt. Juliet- one-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Hendersonville- 28.7 Off/17.0 Def; Mt. Juliet- 29.0 Off/15.3 Def
Last Meeting- Hendersonville 41, Mt. Juliet 14 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Hendersonville- Brent Rowe (RB/DB, Sr.), Ellis Ellis (ATH/DB, Jr.), Donnell Brown (OL/DL, Jr.), Keion Stafford (RB/DB, Sr.), Nevin DeGraaf (DB/SE, Sr.), Jack Busey (TE/DE, Jr.), Stevie Mack (LB/RB, Sr.) John Rucks (OL/DL, Sr.), Bryce Carroll (OL/DL, Sr.), Jameson Wharton (DB/SE, Jr), Kyle Duvall (OL/DL, Soph.), Jaden Thorton (OL/DE, Jr.), Andrew Martin (K, Sr.)
Mt. Juliet- Camron Malone (RB/DB, Sr.), Jamari Sowell (RB/DB, Sr.), Conlin Baggott (RB, Sr.), James Hawkes (OT, Sr.), Cross Barnes (OG, Sr.), Matt Delfendahl (H/LB, Sr.), Colin Gleaves (LB, Sr.), Christian Donatelli (OLB, Sr.), Grady Mang (SS, Sr.), Trey Evans (DB/S, Sr.), Breyon Patterson (DL, Sr.), Conner Kowalski (PK, Sr.), Karson Huss (P, Sr.), Chris Dixon (LS, Sr.), Ethan Brown (WR, Sr.), Mikel Workings (DL, Sr.), Montrell Bandy (FS, Sr.), Kaleel Stewart (DB, Sr.), Jacob Tibbs (OL, Sr.), Stephen Swoner (QB, Jr.), Conner Coker (OT/DL, Jr.), Wade Savage (OG/DL, Jr.), Jeffery Pillows (NG, Jr.), Tanner Cocke (RB/DB, Jr.), Griffin Throneberry (QB, Soph.), Osize Daniyan (WR/DB, Soph.), Jeremiah Sowell (DE, Soph.), Ethan Crisp (TE/OLB, Soph.)

 *6-6A- Ravenwood Raptors (5-4, 3-1) at Independence Eagles (6-1, 4-0)
Current Region Streaks- Ravenwood- one-game winning streak; Independence- four-game winning streak
Rankings- Ravenwood- Ranked No. 10; Independence- Ranked No. 9
Head Coaches- Ravenwood- Matt Daniels (38-12 in four years at Ravenwood); Independence- Scott Blade (141-48 overall, 71-28 in eight years at Independence)
Offensive Coordinator- Ravenwood- Matt Duncan; Independence- Scott Blade
Defensive Coordinator- Ravenwood- Reggie Grimes; Independence-Lance White
Offense/Defense- Ravenwood- Multiple Spread/Multiple 3-4; Independence- Spread/4-4
Returning Starters- Ravenwood- 9 (5 Off/4 Def); Independence-10 (4 Off/6 Def)
Streaks- Ravenwood- onegame winning streak; Independence- sixgame winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Ravenwood- 34.2 Off/20.9 Def; Independence- 33.6 Off/16.0 Def
Last Meeting- Ravenwood 40, Independence 14 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Ravenwood- Jake Briningstool (TE, Sr., Clemson commitment), Junior Colson (LB, Sr., Michigan commitment), Damon Owens (LB/DB, Sr.), Ben Severance (DB, Sr.), Bryce Smith (DB, Sr.), Trevor Andrews (QB, Sr.), Conner Pace (RB/FB, Sr.), Zack Maaske (DL, Sr.), Greg Bafalis (OL/DL, Jr.), Roman Bundza (OL/DL, Jr.), Trent Baldwin (OL/DL, Soph.), Ross Johnston (WR, Sr.), Owen Davis (LB, Sr.), JT Smitherman (RB/WR, Jr.), Myles Pollard (DB, Jr.), Isaac Rollins (DB, Jr.), Liam Fernandez (OL/DL, Jr.), Brenden Reed (DL, Sr.)
Independence- Jaxson Campbell (QB, Sr.), Brigham Morrical (WR/DB, Sr.), Josh Amor (LB, Sr.), Ethan Pickering (LB, Sr.), Cooper Allan (P, Sr.), Sam Henke (K, Jr.), Tommy Monohan (DE, Jr.), River Katina (WR/DB, Jr.), Tre Hartwell (RB, Soph.), Tyler Lockwood (WR, Soph.), Eli Andresen (OL, Sr.), Will Manis (OL, Sr.), Justin Myles (OL, Sr.), Cade Hollingsworth (OL/DT, Sr.), Austin Watson (OL, Jr.)

*7-6A- Collierville Dragons (4-2, 3-0) at Bartlett (5-1, 3-0)
Current Region Streaks- Collierville- three-game winning streak; Bartlett- three-game winning streak
Rankings- Collierville- Unranked; Bartlett- Ranked No. 7
Head Coaches- Collierville- Joe Rocconi (78-115 overall, 9-8 in two years at Collierville); Bartlett- Lance Tucker (87-47 overall, 11-6 in two years at Bartlett)
Offensive Coordinator- Collierville- Joe Rocconi; Bartlett- Lance Tucker
Defensive Coordinator- Collierville- Nick Marchy; Bartlett- Luke Tucker
Offense/Defense- Collierville- Multiple/4-3; Bartlett- Multiple/4-2-5
Returning Starters- Collierville- 14 (7 Off/7 Def); Bartlett-14 (6 Off/8 Def)
Streaks- Collierville- twogame winning streak; Bartlett- five-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  Collierville- 25.0 Off/25.5 Def; Bartlett- 35.4 Off/20.0 Def
Last Meeting- Collierville 36, Bartlett 35 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- Collierville- Scottie Alexander (WR, Sr.), Ethan Hassler (DE, Sr., Southern Miss commitment), Noah Upchurch (OL, Sr.), Duple Travillion (RB/WR, Jr.), Alston Elam (DB, Sr.), Eli Eubanks (DL, Sr.), Hudson Hollenbeck (K/P, Jr.)
Bartlett- Malik McDaniel (OT/DT, Sr., Davidson commitment), Caleb Gross (OL, Sr.), Thomas Jones (S, Sr.), Walt Tucker (QB, Sr.), DJ Jones (WR, Sr.), Jaylen Grantham (DT, Sr.), Marico Smith (S, Sr., Central Arkansas commitment),  Robert Giaimo (RB, Sr.), Trashawn Martin (DB, Sr.), Justin Jefferson (LB, Sr.), Bryan Whitehead (LB, Sr.)

*Division II-AA East- CAK Warriors (9-0, 5-0) at Knoxville Webb Spartans (5-3, 4-1)
Current Region Streaks- CAK- six-game winning streak; Knoxville Webb- two-game winning streak
Rankings- CAK- Ranked No. 1; Knoxville Webb- Unranked
Head Coaches- CAK- Travis Mozingo (31-23 in five years at CAK); Knoxville Webb- David Meske (275-140 in 35 years at Webb)
Offensive Coordinator- CAK- Ryen Minton; Knoxville Webb- Robby Collier
Defensive Coordinator- CAK- Bart Kareken; Knoxville Webb- Ryan Slowik
Offense/Defense- CAK- Spread/Multiple; Knoxville Webb- Wing T/4-3
Returning Starters- CAK- 19 (9 Off/10 Def); Knoxville Webb-
Streaks- CAK- nine-game winning streak; Knoxville Webb- two-game winning streak
Scoring Averages-  CAK- 37.6 Off/10.9 Def; Knoxville Webb- 28.7 Off/24.9 Def
Last Meeting- CAK 24, Knoxville Webb 14 in 2019 Regular Season
Players To Watch- CAK- Luke Myers (LB, Jr.), Jarvis Stockton (RB, Jr.), Malachi Harrison (DL, Jr.), Ryan Degges (QB, Sr.), JD Presley (DB/WR, Sr.), Caleb Sparkman (WR, Sr.), Jaqueze Turman (DL, Jr.), Jake Rogers (OL, Sr.), Noah Olsen (TE/DE, Sr.), Grant Sterchi (WR/OLB, Jr.), Kayne Harris (DB, Jr.), Denzel Jackson (DB, Jr.), J.D. Dunn (RB, Jr.)
Knoxville Webb- Jackson Bradley (OL/DL, Sr.), Brik Boruff (OG/DE, Sr.), Jackson Baker (WR/DB, Sr.), Luke Julian (OL/DL, Sr.), Joseph Moore (QB/DB, Sr.), Leo Bonifacio (LB/OG, Jr.), Taylor Dunn (WR/DB, Sr.), Elijah Bane (RB/DB, Sr.), Will Hamilton (LB, Sr.), Corey Williams (OL/DL, Sr.), Tabb Layton (OL/DL, Sr.), Joey Fulcher (DE, Sr.)

Charlotte Gets Two In State Commitments
Will Healy continues to have good recruiting results in the state of Tennessee.

A week after getting a commitment from MUS linebacker D.J. Brown, the 49ers got two more commitments from East Tennessee as Alcoa linebacker Cam Burden and Red Bank linebacker B.J. Ragland have both pledged to Charlotte.

*Burden (6-2, 205) was the 2019 Class 3A Blue Cross Bowl MVP as the Tornadoes beat Pearl Cohn 28-0 as he made eight tackles, three tackles for loss and had two sacks in the win.

He chose the 49ers over Memphis, Elon, Mercer, Southeast Missouri State, Richmond, Gardner Webb, ETSU, Citadel, UT-Martin, Samford, Eastern Kentucky and Tulane.

Burden posted his commitment on Twitter.

“I’d like to thank God for the many blessings he has given me throughout my life. I’d like to thank my mom and dad for their unconditional love and support.

“I’d like to thank all my coaches, teammates and friends for believing in me. I’d like to thank all the college coaches for their time and consideration during this recruitment process. My dreams are turning into a reality. With that being said I’d like to announce that I am committed to UNC Charlotte,” Burden wrote on his Twitter profile.

Burden is the third Tornado that has committed in the 2021 class joining teammates  Ahmaudd Sankey (Southeast Missouri State) and Grey Carroll (Georgia Tech).

*Ragland had originally committed to Tulane in July but decommitted last month before committing to Charlotte over offers from Tulane, Army, Austin Peay, Campbell, Central Florida, Chattanooga, Coastal Carolina, East Carolina, Eastern Kentucky, Gardner Webb, Georgetown, Illinois State, Liberty, Marshall, MTSU, Navy, New Mexico, Richmond, Samford, SE Missouri State, Southern Miss, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, UT-Martin and Western Illinois.

Bethel Commits to Ole Miss
Anderson County kicker Daniel Bethel has committed to Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels.

“We are super proud of Daniel.  He has worked hard focusing in on his craft. He has put in the work to get this opportunity and we are excited to watch him as he grows as a player in the SEC,” Anderson County coach Davy Gillum said.

This season, Bethel (6-2, 180) has hit 44 extra points, three field goals and has a 38-yard average punting average as the Mavericks (7-2) recently clinched the  2-4A region title.

He chose the Rebels over offers from Colgate and West Virginia.

The following 55 players have committed in the Class of 2021 they are: Alcoa linebacker Cam Burden (Charlotte), Red Bank offensive lineman B.J. Ragland (Charlotte), Anderson County kicker/punter Daniel Bethel (Ole Miss), MUS linebacker D.J. Brown (Charlotte), Brentwood Academy offensive guard Noah Josey (Virginia), Brentwood defensive back John Howse (Vanderbilt),  Farragut linebacker Eli Purcell (Wofford), Mark Anthony Prescott (Princeton), Nolensville quarterback Ryder Galardi (Long Island University), Pearl Cohn offensive lineman William Parker (Tennessee), The King’s Academy offensive lineman J’Marion Gooch (Tennessee), Austin East athlete Keon Smith (Campbell), Macon County tight end Landon Whittemore (Furman), Collierville defensive end Ethan Hassler (Southern Miss), Alcoa running back Ahmaudd Sankey (SE Missouri State), White Station safety Cejai Parson (Southern Illinois), Pearl Cohn defensive end Alex Okelo (Michigan State), David Crockett linebacker Prince Kollie (Notre Dame), Bartlett defensive back Marico Smith (Central Arkansas), MBA defensive back Nasir Cook (Princeton), McMinn County offensive lineman Bryce Goodner (Virginia Tech), Bartlett offensive lineman Malik McDaniel (Davidson), Memphis East athlete Jelani Willis (Western Michigan), Blackman offensive lineman O’Brien Jackson (Eastern Kentucky), ECS offensive lineman Dietrick Pennington (Clemson), McMinn County running back Jalen Hunt (Western Carolina), Hillsboro defensive back Adrian Huey (Kentucky), MAHS athlete Robert Johnson (North Texas), Baylor safety Riley Jenne (Harvard), Knoxville Central linebacker Kalib Fortner (Army), Knoxville Central wide receiver Liam Fortner (Army), Hillsboro defensive back Kolby Phillips (Tulane), Bradley Central athlete Javin Burke (Virginia), Henry County defensive back Jawon Odoms (Memphis), Ensworth linebacker Bryce Edmondson (Memphis), Hardin County tight end Hudson Wolfe (Tennessee), McCallie offensive lineman Austin Gentle (Harvard), McCallie offensive lineman Jack Gentle (Harvard), Brentwood Academy defensive end James Stewart (Memphis),  Pearl Cohn athlete Kyndrich Breedlove (Ole Miss), Nolensville defensive end Grant Reeder (Davidson), DeKalb County tight end Evan Jones (Tennessee Tech), Ravenwood linebacker Junior Colson (Michigan), Ridgeway safety Brandon Warner (Memphis), White Station defensive back Greg Rubin (Memphis), Pope John Paul II running back Antwan Roberts (Wisconsin), Father Ryan quarterback D.C. Tabscott (Appalachian State), Alcoa defensive end Grey Carroll (Georgia Tech), Brentwood wide receiver Walker Merrill (Tennessee), Ravenwood tight end Jake Briningstool (Clemson), Ensworth safety Andre Turrentine (Ohio State), Brentwood Academy offensive lineman Eli Sutton (North Carolina), Baylor running back Elijah Howard (Tennessee) and MUS tight end Gavin McKay (Missouri).


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