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October 28, 2020

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Coach Connect Play of the Week – Week 9: BGA vs. FRA

Coach Connect Play of the Week – Week 9: BGA vs. FRA

Coach Connect Play of the Week

Week 9: BGA vs. FRA

 By David Peden


David Peden is a founding partner of Coach Connect Tennessee. During his coaching career, he has served as head coach at Middle Tennessee Christian, offensive coordinator at Battle Ground Academy and an assistant at Brentwood Academy. He has been a part of three state championships, coached three Mr. Football finalists and has coached over forty college and professional athletes. He played offensive line collegiately at Ole Miss and in his school at Brentwood Academy. In addition to coaching, he has previously been a college football analyst at 247Sports.com. Coach Connect seeks to connect, educate and grow the high school football coaching profession.


One of the most prolific offenses in the area this year has been that of the Battle Ground Academy. With returning starting quarterback Drew Martin (7) and a host of skill players returning this season, the Wildcats expected to have a good year. After nine games they enter their bye week with a record of 8-1 and have been averaging over 330 yards per game on offense. This week we take a look at one of their explosive plays that came on an important fourth down this past week against rival Franklin Road Academy.


Facing a 4th and 7, the wildcats lined up in an empty formation with three receivers to the boundry on the right and two receivers lined up to the field. FRA, who with a stop would regain momentum in the game, lined up in their base 3-4 defense with the outside linebackers splitting the difference between the tackle on the end of the line of scrimmage and the slot receivers. The secondary was lined up in a two-high look.


BGA 1 Presnap


Before the snap, the Wildcats motioned the number three receiver, Briston Bennett (14) across the formation, which caused the FRA inside backer to the boundry to bump slightly away from the sideline.


BGA 2 Motion


The play design was a double wide receiver screen with both sides running a screen action. Martin took the snap and quickly got the ball out to the right to one of his favorite targets, senior Ollie Reese (6) on a tunnel screen. With this action, the number two receiver blocked the corner and both the right tackle and right guard released to block the corner and the playside inside linebacker. The outside linebacker, who was caught up with the offensive tackle.


BGA 3 Snap


On the catch, Reese came underneath the blockers on the corner and turned the corner upfield with great speed and quickness. The key block on the play came from right guard, Brandon Jackson (68), on the FRA playside, inside backer. The block was assisted by the original motion that created more space from the sideline.


BGA 4 Catch


After getting north and south, Reese had one man standing in between him and the endzone, the FRA safety. Reese did a solid job setting up the safety to the inside before cutting back to the outside. FRA’s outside linebacker showed great effort on the play, having redirected and tried to chase down Reese from behind. Reese, though, showed great speed and agility in making the touchdown.


BGA 5 Juke


Drew Martin, Olliver Reese and the rest of the BGA Wildcats will take on Lipscomb Academy a week from Friday to wrap up the regular season. With explosive plays such as this fourth down tunnel screen, they look poised for a playoff run.


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