December 05, 2019

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2019 Extreme Preview

2019 Extreme Preview


By Spencer Tomsett:



  2018 was a season in which young talent flourished, legends made a lasting impression, and chapters were brought to a close. We saw 8-Man Football in Tennessee continue to grow with several teams returning, and players continued to solidify the fact that 8=11, meaning that the only difference between 8-Man and 11-Man football is the number of players on the field.

Gone are the days of meaningless bowl and consolation games, as the MTAC has adapted a “wildcard” 1st round of the playoffs starting in 2019, and we may just start off this evolution with a bang. Ezell-Harding Christian School (Antioch) swapped spots with The Webb School (Bell Buckle), bringing a fresh look to the conference as well as a “Battle of the Bell” rivalry with Lighthouse Christian School, while several established teams return with a wealth of improved under-classmen.

In this preview, we’ll break down Tennessee School for the Deaf and the 11-team Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference.


Tennessee School for the Deaf (Knoxville, TN)
Division: Mason-Dixon League
Head Coach: Jordan Cooper (2nd season, 4-3 overall)
Assistant Coach: Keith Swaney
2018 Record: 4-3
Key Returnees: Lorenzo Currie (Ath, Jr.), Jerry Williams (QB/FS/P, Jr.), DJ Cross (WR/LB, Jr.), Malcolm Williamson (WR/LB, Jr.), Tristan Davidson (OL/DL, Sr.)
Key Losses: Matthew Neely (OL/DL), Jeremiah Staggs (FB/DE)
          Streak Going Into 2019: 2 Losses

         Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference

Christian Community School Colts (White House, TN)

Division: MTAC North
Head Coach: Jordan Flanders (5th season, 37-10 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Tommy Thornton, Ben Pugh
2018 Record: 11-1 (Won in MTAC Championship Game, Lost in NHSA National Championship Game to Evangel Christian (AL))
Key Returnees: Brooks Pugh (WR/DB, Sr.), Micah Jones (QB/DB, Sr.), Dan Adams (K, Sr.), Avery Harper (G/DE, Sr.), Johnny Stapleton (WR/CB, Sr.)
Key Losses: Jackson Dotterer (FB/LB, signed with Lindenwood  University), Nathaniel Rowley (QB/DB), David West (OL/DL), Zach Rogers (OL/DL, signed with Sewanee University of the South)
Streak Going Into 2019: 1 Loss


Lancaster Christian Academy (Smyrna, TN)
Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: Jason Bragg (2nd season, 8-2 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Shaun Bell, James Jansen, Dustin Hargrove, Justin Beshearse, Fred Legendre
2018 Record: 8-2 (Lost in MTAC Semi-Final, Won MTAC Consolation)
Key Returnees: Deuce Bragg (QB, Fr.), Isaiah Moore (WR/DB, Jr.), Elijah Moore (RB/LB, So.), Lane Spurlock (OL/DL, So.), Devon Hargrove (WR/DB, So.)
Key Losses: Mason Dunklin (OL/DL, Sr.), Jacob Gurley (WR/DB, Sr.), JD Gray (WR/DE, Sr.) Mattthew Baudion (RB/LB, signed with Kentucky Christian University)
Streak Going Into 2018: 1 Win


Tennessee Heat (Mt. Juliet, TN)
Division: MTAC North
Head Coach: Ryan Scott (3nd season, 8-14 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Tony Diaz, Rick Rury, Wayne Rial
2018 Record: 5-7 (Lost in MTAC Semi-Final, lost MTAC Consolation)
Key Returnees: Trey Rury (OL/DE, So.), Brandon Goolesby (QB, Jr.), Kelton Copeland (RB/LB, So.), Ty Whitaker (OL/DL, So.), Ross Scott (OL/DL, Jr.), Carter Sutton (TE/DE, So.), Aden Luchtefeld (WR/DB, Fr.), Alijah Diaz (OL/DL, Sr.)

Key Losses: Chris Savley (OL/DE), James Redding (RB/LB), Micah Degrood (OL/K/DL), Preston Sloan (WR/DB),
Streak Going Into 2019: 2 Losses


Bowling Green Christian Academy Warriors (Bowling Green, KY)

Division: MTAC North
Head Coach: Don Brown (4th season, 16-13 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Kris Crowe, Marc Thomason, Todd Allison, Shane Guy, Tucker Brown, Tanner Brown, Riley Davis
2018 Record: 7-3 (Won in MTAC Bowl Game)
Key Returnees: Cooper Guy (OL/DL, Sr.), Gage Holman (RB/DB, Sr.), Joel Thomason (WR/DB, Sr.), Cam Bee (WR/DE, Jr,)
Key Losses: Tanner Brown (QB/CB), Riley Davis (WR/LB/K), John Stock (OL/LB), Ben Thomas (OL/DL)
Streak going into 2019: 2 wins

Riverside Christian Academy (Fayetteville, TN)

Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: Travis Creasy (7th season, 30-27 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Matt O’Neal, Greg Eaton, Kevin Whitworth
2018 Record: 3-7 (Lost in MTAC Bowl Game)
Key Returnees: Riley Hall (RB/LB, Sr.), Crutcher Ezell (RB/LB, Jr.), Jake Rubelsky (QB/DB, So.), Raymond Hunt (WR/DB, So.), David Black (QB/DB, Sr.), Jonathan Knotts (OL/DL, Sr.)
Key Loss: John Trahin (RB/LB)
  Streak Going Into 2019: 1 Loss


Lighthouse Christian School (Antioch,TN)

Division: MTAC North
Head Coach: Bryan Hollis (1st season, 0-0 overall)
Assistant Coach: Scott Smith
2018 Record: 5-3 (Ineligible for postseason)
Key Returnees: Deddrick McClain (OL/DL, Sr), Christian Sharp (WR/DB
Key Losses: Rickie McDowell (QB/DE), Michael Bond (RB/LB, signed with Tennessee State University)
Streak Going Into 2019: 1 Loss


Franklin Christian Academy Falcons (Franklin, TN)

Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: Steve Adams (3rd season, 9-10 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Shaka Hill, Tim Harrison
2018 Record: 3-6
Key Returnees: Daniel Holcomb (QB, Sr.), Asa Sheets (RB/DB, Jr), Zach Dooley (RB/LB, So.), Andy Reid (WR/DB, Jr.)

Key Losses: Sonny Reid (QB/WR/DB, signed with Carson-Newman), John Buchanon (RB/LB, transfer to Centennial High School)
Streak Going Into 2018: 1 Win


St. Andrew’s Sewanee (Sewanee, TN)

Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: John Hargis (7th season, 16-33 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Neal Johnson, John Wheeler
2018 Record: 2-6
Key Returnees: Cailan McClean (OL/LB, Sr.), Cam Robinson (OL/DL, So.)

Key Losses: Jalen Tillman (G/DT), Larson Heitzenrater (OL/DL), Ben Matthews (RB/LB), Jarret Willis (OL/DL)
Streak Going Into 2019: 1 Loss


Franklin Classical School (Franklin, TN)

Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: Matthew Herrera (1st season, 0-0 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Seth Witherington, Ray Harlow
2018 Record: 0-8
Key Returnees: Josh Austin (DE/TE, Sr.), Josh Salstrand (RB/DB, Jr.), Ernie McKennon (OL/DL, Sr.), Jonah Rhorci (RB/LB, Sr.)

Key Loss: Kaden Dickerson (RB/LB, signed with Campbellsville University)
Streak Going Into 2019: 10 Losses


South Haven Christian School Patriots (Springfield, TN)

Division: MTAC North
Head Coach: Jason Zimmerman (3rd season, 8-8 overall)
Assistant Coaches: Michael Crawley, Dewayne Wilson, Brent Atkinson, James Sawyers
2018 Record: 0-7
Key Returnees: Estevan Covington (OL/DL, Sr.), Emmanuel Deng (WR/CB, Jr.), Andrew Crawley (QB/CB, Jr.),
Key Losses: Frankie Gagliano (RB/LB), Inseo Savre (OL/DL), Nick Ambrose (OL/DL)
Streak Going Into 2018: 7 Losses


Ezell-Harding Christian School (Antioch, TN)

Division: MTAC South
Head Coach: Dustin McGhee (2nd season, 3-9 overall 11-Man)
Assistant Coaches: Chad Thompson, Germayle Franklin, Jamie Lock, Orlando Hughes

2018 Record: 3-9 (in TSSAA)
Key Returnees: Derek Griffin (QB/DB, Sr.), Reed Steimle (OL/LB, Sr.), Andrew Webster (OL/LB, Sr), Alex Valbeuna (OL/DL, So.), Braxton Coleman RB/LB, So.), Jamari Liddell (WR/DB, Jr.)

Key Losses: Kejuan Calloway (RB/DB), Marc Crues (RB/LB), Jordan Hunt (WR/DB)
Streak Going Into 2019: 8 Losses


With 12 8-man football teams competing across Tennessee and Kentucky this season, 8-Man Extreme is proud to cover each club for the 2019 football season through Extreme Radio presented by GracePointe Healthcare, and the Extreme Game of the Week. For scoring updates, live broadcasts, and recaps with analysis, follow us on all of our social media accounts and use the Tennessee High School Football App. It’s 8-Man Football Time in Tennessee!


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