Victory Formation: Quarterfinal Round Playoff Edition

Victory Formation: Quarterfinal Round Playoff Edition

Cornersville and Summit were two of 11 teams that made the 2017 playoffs that had never won a playoff game before.

The Kings Academy beat Clarksville Academy and South Gibson eliminated defending Class 2A state champion in the 3A playoffs to pick up their first playoff win.

Both teams lost last week in the second round but The Kings Academy (1-3 in playoffs) and South Gibson (1-5) have removed the burden of being a team that had never won a playoff game before.

Cornersville came in with a 0-6 playoff record and had been outscored 111-26 in their last two playoff games combined.

Under the guidance of fourth year coach Gerard Randolph and he has improved the Bulldog program each season going from 3-7 (2015) to 5-6 (2016, Playoff Appearance) to 11-1 this season as they won region 5-1A and were ranked seventh in the last AP poll.

Summit, the seven year old program in Williamson County, like Cornersville have thrived under their coach Brian Coleman also in his fourth season at Summit.

The Spartans (10-2) were the region 5-5A champions and were ranked third in the last AP Poll as well and Coleman has improved the Summit fortunes every season going from 0-10 (2014) to 4-6 (2015) to 7-4 (2016, playoff appearance) to 10-2 in 2017.

Summit had their first winning season and first playoff appearance last year as they went 7-4 after posting five losing seasons including two winless campaigns in 2011 and 2014 and a 8-42 record during that time.

After winning the last two playoff games, both teams are making more history and are making their first Quarterfinal appearances in school history.

“It is a testament to the hard work and dedication our young men put into the program,” Coleman said.

Both teams have stern tests on Friday as Cornersville will host No. 2 Huntingdon (12-0) while Summit hosts top ranked and undefeated Beech (12-0) but that doesn’t dull the excitement surrounding both programs.

The Bulldogs shook off a 31-6 loss to Eagleville in week two to post 10 consecutive wins while Summit has won three straight wins since dropping a 34-30 decision to Centennial.


“We are very excited about being in the Quarterfinals of the State Playoffs. It means so much to this team, school, and community to have the opportunity to be able to play in round three of the playoffs,” Randolph said.

“The things this team has been able to accomplish this year has put so much excitement into this community. Just to have our school mentioned as being one of the final eight teams still playing Class 1A is an awesome feeling.”

The reason for the big seasons for both schools can be found on the offensive side of the ball as both teams are Wing T run based heavy teams as the Bulldogs have rushed for 4,092 yards and scored 57 touchdowns on the ground while Summit have rushed for 4,199 yards and scored 48 rushing touchdowns.

Cornersville will line up in Wing T sets with power football looks as well as Wildcat looks as well while Summit is your ypical Wing T team.

Summit has three running backs that have rushed for over 1,000 yards as sophomore George Odimegwu (1,280 yards, 13 touchdowns), 5A Mr. Football Finalist Tai Carter (1,225 yards, 14 touchdowns) and Payton Craig (1,029 yards, 10 touchdowns) and the Spartans have had nine backs that have scored a rushing touchdown.

Cornersville has similar rushing numbers as junior rushing backs Eli Woodard (1,263 yards, 12 touchdowns) and Cameron Whitaker (1,179 yards, 24 touchdowns) are both over 1,000 yards and senior Kolbe McMahon (908 yards, 11 touchdowns) are closing in on 1,000 yards as well.

Another junior Trenten Warren has scored 10 touchdowns and seven players have rushing touchdowns.

“This group of young men have put in a lot of hard work and long hours to get to this point. I couldn’t be more proud for this team. We are not satisfied with that, and we want to continue to play hard and compete at a high level. I am very fortunate to have an outstanding group of young men to coach, and a awesome coaching staff to coach with,” Randolph said.

Although 11 other schools have made the Quarterfinals before, it been several years for the following programs:

2017 Record- 8-4, two seed in Region 8-1A
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 1985, finished 13-1 won Class 13-1 state title
Quarterfinal Record- 2-0
Upcoming Game- hosts No. 10 Lake County (10-2)

2017 Record- 11-1, ranked No. 5 in 1A, finished as region three runner up
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 1991, finished 12-2, lost to FRA in Class A Semifinals
Quarterfinal Record- 1-0
Upcoming Game- visits region foe and No. 1 South Pittsburg (12-0)

Meigs County
2017 Record- 12-0, ranked No. 1 in 2A, region 2-2A champion
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 1995, finished 14-1 and was 2A runner up to Goodpasture
Quarterfinal Record- 4-2
Upcoming Game- travels to Rockwood (9-3)

Bradley Central
2017 Record- 10-2, ranked No. 9 in 6A, region 2-6A runner up
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2000, finished 9-4, lost in 5A Quarterfinals to Red Bank
Quarterfinal Record- 1-2
Upcoming Game- travels to region opponent and No. 2 ranked Maryville (11-1)

2017 Record- 8-4, region 8-5A champion
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2003, finished 6-7 and lost to Covington in 3A Quarterfinals
Quarterfinal Record- 0-1
Upcoming Game- travels to 5A No. 10 Henry County (9-3)

Jackson South side
2017 Record- 8-4, region 6-4A runner up
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2004, finished 9-4 lost to Greenbrier in 3A Quarterfinals
Quarterfinal Record- 1-3
Upcoming Game- hosts Springfield (9-4)

2017 Record- 10-2, region 3-6A runner up
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2005, lost to Riverdale in 5A Quarterfinals
Quarterfinal Record- 0-2
Upcoming Game- travels to region foe and No. 1 ranked Oakland (12-0)

Haywood County
2017 Record- 10-2, ranked No. 4 in 4A, Region 7-4A champion
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2007, finished 10-3, lost in 3A Quarterfinals to Mitchell
Quarterfinal Record- 2-4
Upcoming Game- hosts region opponent and No. 7 ranked Crockett County (10-2)

Red Bank
2017 Record- 10-2, region 3-3A champion, ranked No. 6 in 3A
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2009, finished 12-1, lost to Greeneville in 4A Quarterfinals
Quarterfinal Record-2-4
Upcoming Game- hosts Smith County (9-3)

Smith County
2017 Record- 9-3, region 4-3A champion
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2009, finished 9-4, lost to York in 3A Quarterfinals
Quarterfinal Record- 3-3
Upcoming Game- travels to No. 6 Red Bank (10-2)

2017 Record- 9-3, region 2-2A runner up
Last Quarterfinal Trip- 2009, finished 11-3 lost to Boyd Buchanan in 2A Semifinals
Quarterfinal Record- 4-2
Upcoming Game- hosts No. 1 ranked Meigs County (12-0)

Consecutive Quarterfinals
It should come as no surprise that Blount County powerhouses Maryville (19) and Alcoa (15) have the most consecutive Quarterfinal round appearances as both schools have won 15 state titles apiece which is tops in the TSSAA.

Maryville (11-1) currently ranked No. 2 in 6A, have made the Quarterfinal round every season since 1998 while the 3A ranked team in Alcoa has a streak of 15 straight Quarterfinal round trips stretching back to 2003.

The Rebels all time Quarterfinal round record is 29-2 (.935) while Alcoa is 21-4 (.840), it’s easy to see why they have both won 15 state titles.

Here’s a list of the longest current Quarterfinal round streaks not named Maryville and Alcoa.

Quarterfinal Streak- seven straight, Streak started in 2011
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 8-5
Number of State Titles- 3 (1A in 2000 and 2002; 3A in 2014)

Marion County
Quarterfinal Streak- six straight, streak started in 2012
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 11-8
Number of State Titles- 4 (2A in 1990 and 1992; 3A in 1994 and 1995)

Quarterfinal Streak- six straight, Streak started in 2012
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 11-6
Number of State Titles- 7 (Division II-AA in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007 and 2014; Division II-AAA in 2002 and 2003)

Columbia Academy
Quarterfinal Streak- five straight, streak started in 2013
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 1-4
Number of State Titles- none

Quarterfinal Streak- five straight, streak started in 2013
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record-9-3
Number of State Titles- 3 (Class AAA in 1984, 5A in 1998 and 2008)

Quarterfinal Streak- four straight, streak started in 2014
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 4-9
Number of State Titles- 1 (Class A in 1987)

Pearl Cohn
Quarterfinal Streak- four straight, streak started in 2014
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record-7-3
Number of State Titles- 2 (4A in 1996 and 1997)

Quarterfinal Streak- four straight, streak started in 2014
Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 4-1
Number of State Titles- 2 (5A in 2005, 6A in 2015)

Quarterfinal Streak- four straight, streak started in 2014

Overall Quarterfinal Round Record- 6-4
Number of State Titles- 2 (6A in 2012 and 2016)

And Then There Were Four
With Maryville’s win over Farragut and Hillcrest’s 6-0 shutout win over Dresden, only four defending state champions are still playing with the hopes of getting to defend their state titles in three weeks in Cookeville.

Alcoa (3A), Whitehaven (6A), Lausanne (Division II-A) and Brentwood Academy (Division II-AA) head into play on Friday trying to get back to defend their titles.

Alcoa has a 12 game playoff winning streak, while BA and Whitehaven have both won seven straight in the playoffs and Lausanne has six straight wins

With Division II adding a third classification (DII-AAA) , Lausanne will try and win the Division II-AA title as they currently have the state longest winning streak at 26 games while BA will try and win their third consecutive title overall and first in Division II-AAA.

Defending 2A state champion Trezevant (4-7) and defending 4A champion Memphis East (5-6) were both bounced in the first round as Trezevant lost to South Gibson in the 3A playoffs, while East fell victim to Dyersburg in the 4A bracket.

Dresden (10-2) and Farragut (9-3) both lost in round two to Hillcrest and Maryville respectively

Region Rematches
13 games during this round will feature region rematches, here is the full schedule

Coalfield Yellow Jackets (11-1) at Greenback Cherokees (10-1)
Rankings- Coalfield- No. 6; Greenback- No. 3
Last Meeting- Greenback 34, Coalfield 33 in week 8

Whitwell Tigers (11-1) at South Pittsburg Pirates (12-0)
Rankings- Whitwell- No. 5; South Pittsburg- No. 1
Last Meeting- South Pittsburg 21, Whitwell 14 in week 9

Rockwood Tigers (9-3) at Meigs County Tigers (12-0)
Rankings-Rockwood- unranked; Meigs County-No. 1
Last Meeting- Meigs County 48, Rockwood 27 in week 5

Marion County Warriors (7-5) at Tyner Rams (10-2)
Rankings- Both teams are unranked
Last Meeting- Tyner 37, Marion County 28 in week 5


Peabody Golden Tide (10-2) at Union City Tornadoes (10-2)
Rankings-Peabody- No. 6; Union City- No. 5
Last Meeting- Union City 21, Peabody 14 in week 3

Austin East Roadrunners (10-2) at Alcoa Tornadoes (10-2)
Rankings- AE- No. 7; Alcoa- No. 1
Last Meeting- Alcoa 28, AE 7 in week 11

Maplewood Panthers (9-3) at Marshall County Tigers (9-3)
Rankings- Maplewood- unranked; Marshall County- No. 7
Last Meeting- Marshall County 26, Maplewood 12 in week 4

Crockett County (10-2) at Haywood County (10-2)
Rankings- Crockett County- No. 6; Haywood- No. 4
Last Meeting- Haywood 63, Crockett County 35 in week 9

Knoxville Central Bobcats (7-5) at South Doyle Cherokees (7-5)
Rankings-Both teams are unranked
Last Meeting- South Doyle 27, Knoxville Central 7 in week 10


Bradley Central Bears (10-2) at Maryville Rebels (11-1)
Rankings-Bradley Central- No. 9; Maryville- No. 2
Last Meeting- Maryville 31, Bradley 7 in week 11

Cookeville Cavaliers (10-2) at Oakland Patriots (12-0)
Rankings-Cookeville- unranked; Oakland- No. 1
Last Meeting- Oakland 35, Cookeville 14 in week 10

White Station Spartans (5-7) at Whitehaven Tigers (10-2)
Rankings-White Station- unranked; Whitehaven- No. 8
Last Meeting- Whitehaven 23, White Station 14 in week 10



Division II-AAA
McCallie Blue Tornado (8-3) at Brentwood Academy Eagles (10-0)
Rankings- McCallie- No. 9; Brentwood Academy- No. 1
Last Meeting- Brentwood Academy 46, McCallie 24 in week 8

Undefeated to Out of Playoffs
The following three teams had undefeated regular seasons only to get beat in the second round of the playoffs.
Johnson County (11-1)- lost to Austin East 30-21 in 3A second round
White House (11-1)- lost to Jackson South side 30-7 in 4A second round
Germantown (11-1)- lost to White Station 17-14 in 6A second round

And those losses, there are 13 undefeated teams still alive in the playoffs and they are:
South Pittsburg (12-0)
Huntingdon (12-0)

Meigs County (12-0)

Raleigh Egypt (12-0)

Anderson County (12-0)
Greeneville (12-0)

Beech (12-0)

Oakland (12-0)

Division II-A
Friendship Christian (11-0)
Davidson Academy (11-0)

Division II-AA
Lausanne (11-0)

Division II-AAA
Brentwood Academy (10-0)
Christian Brothers (11-0)

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